Parent and Baby YogaAt the Pregnancy and Parents Centre

Yoga with Babies nurtures both parent and baby

with the refreshing, energising, strengthening and centring movements, breathing practices and relaxation of yoga.

Yoga adapted for babies provides a delightful way to give babies the variety and amount of movement and touch on which they thrive, whilst yoga selected or adapted for parents to do alongside their babies provides a way for parents to give themselves the benefits of yoga that can be invaluable in life with babies or young toddlers.

My Yoga with Babies classes provide a friendly, relaxed environment in which to learn and share yoga with other parents and babies.  You are welcome to feed, change or otherwise attend to your baby’s needs during the class: we work around how babies are just as you do in your day to day lives.  If your baby is colicky, teething, is generally unsettled or whatever, we may even find some of the movements we do can help, just as we plan to help you with your exhaustion, tight carrying-shoulders or whatever. 

Yoga mats, pillows and blankets are available to make you and your baby comfortable.

A range of practices is developed over the weeks so parents can gradually incorporate the fun & nourishment of yoga into day to day life with babies.

There are classes for different stages of parent & babyhood, changing pace & movements to suit the nature of each stage.  There are also father & baby workshops from time to time, so that fathers can have the bonding & confidence with wee ones that enjoyable movement together brings about.

All classes include time after the yoga to ask questions & chat with other parents over refreshments – a lovely range of teas & biscuits – which are provided.

I offer a variety of yoga with babies classes.

For Yoga with Babies from newborn to around 5 months, please find more information here.

For Yoga with Babies from around 5 months to mobile, please find more information here.