Weekly Hatha Yoga Classes

My classes are very small allowing individual attention

There are usually no more than 7 students overall with a maximum of 3 students in person.

These classes combine in person with Zoom attendees; so, places permitting, you can choose how you attend and simply have this as part of your booking request. Some people come in person when they can, but attend over Zoom when away from Edinburgh or need to stay home. Others come only in person/online.

There are classes at various times, including weekends: the current class timetable is available here.

Payment rates and booking arrangements are uniquely flexible

I ask for payment only for those classes you attend – even if you have to cancel last minute – and offer a self selecting sliding scale for payment. Given this, you may find overall you pay less than you might expect to come at the frequency that suits your life circumstances.

Standard rate

  • £14~ per person per class. 

Concessions / Reduced Rates

  • By arrangement to suit the individual.

I always make reduced rates available, respecting individual situations and realising that the usual concession categories, whilst practical in the world at large, do not always reflect people’s ability to pay.

So, if your situation makes the standard rate not workable, please do get in touch so we can work out an arrangement between us.

The venue is my home studio at 8 St. Peter’s Place, Edinburgh

This is near the canal at EH3 9PJ. Please note: this venue is accessed by two flights of stairs.

Mats and any other equipment you may need are provided at the venue, so you need only bring clothing suitable for doing yoga with layers for the different sorts of practices.

There is also the option to attend via Zoom, whether occasionally or as your main way of attending.

Occasionally, a class may be held outdoors on Bruntsfield Links if the weather invites and if there are no Zoom bookings for the class.

My style of yoga teaching may be different than you’ve met elsewhere

We take time exploring our way into and out of practices, with sometimes unexpected preparation and pathways. More about my way of yoga teaching, including the influence of my Alexander Technique experience, can be found here on the About my Yoga Teaching page.

I appreciate my style of yoga teaching isn’t for everyone and am happy to help work out if my classes are for you.

I offer a private class at group rates

This may help you as a newcomer to make more sense of what we are doing in the classes as most of my students are regular attendees. It can take a few classes to see the benefit of working in the way we do, but the initial private session gives you chance to see if you want to explore this way of learning further. You can share this class with an interested friend if you would like.

So, why not come along and see if my Hatha Yoga classes can contribute to your wellbeing and learning in your life’s journey.

For availability enquiries or booking

Contact me by email or call me on 0131 229 9035 or 07821 116 775