Sleep Recovery Courses

Sleep Recovery courses, spread as they are over a number of weeks, offer a gradual form of learning, exploring, consolidation and progression, session by session.  The regular meetings offer support and encouragement in putting the ideas into practice; and participant numbers are kept small, allowing particular issues to be addressed.

Courses are often set up in response to interest; a day, time and venue are then set to suit would be participants.  Please get in touch if this is of interest or to find if a course is in the offing.


**** I am planning my next Sleep Recovery 5 week course for early 2024 – do get in touch if interested as I may be able to take availability of early enquirers into account when arranging dates and times. ****

Please get in touch to register interest, by telephone ~ 0131 229 9035 or by email.

In Person or Online?

I now offer live online as well as in person courses. If a course might be of interest, please get in touch letting me know your preference as to in person or online, so I can take your availability into account when planning.

Contact me via email ~

or Telephone ~ 0131 229 9035

Content of Courses

~ the basics of sleep science;

~ practical yoga – movements, breathing practices, meditative & restorative yoga;

~ ways to use the yoga practices to contribute to better rest & sleep;

~ aspects of our lives & ways to weave in particular yoga practices to enhance sleep & improve energy levels during our wakeful day;

~ good self management practices for good sleep.

Each week of the course focuses on a particular aspect of the self, using a model from yoga philosophy of the 5 koshas or layers of a human being. There is new information brought in each week with discussion and relevant practices as well as consolidation of foundational practices.


Most often, courses are held at a venue in Edinburgh, though I am happy to consider running a course elsewhere if I can get there by public transport.

I also run Sleep Recovery courses over Zoom..


The costs* for attending a course vary depending on location & number of students.  A course most often runs for 5 weeks of 75 minute sessions. Please ask for details.

* Where someone’s finances make my standard prices not workable, whether or not any of the usual concessionary categories apply, I ask for a payment that would be workable, with no question or proof needed.

** For courses & individual sessions, I offer a discount of 30% to anyone who has been on a previous workshop or course on Yoga for Sleep, to make it easier to have a refresher of the material, or to work with different issues arising at different times.

This discount would apply to both standard & reduced rates.