About my Yoga Teaching

I focus on the individual movements and breathing practices of Hatha Yoga

I only occasionally put these together in a sequence.

My teaching style is different from but perhaps sits most easily with Scaravelli inspired Yoga and Viniyoga.  Having said that, I find many people, whether or not they come with a particular sort of yoga in mind, like my way simply because over time they find the yoga making such a difference to their daily lives.

Distinctive elements of my style include the ways we explore pathways into and out of Yoga poses

These journeys are as much the practice as the poses themselves.  This involves thinking in various ways about how we move and breathe, perhaps becoming aware of our tendencies or imbalances and learning how to work well with ourselves as the particular human beings we happen to be at this point in time.

I am committed to accessibility and diversity

I welcome students from whatever background, yoga experience, means… whoever wants to have yoga in their life. The studio for my group classes is, however, up two flights of stairs so, if this is an issue, other classes, perhaps specialist ones, may be more suitable and beneficial. Or if you are interested in 1:1 classes, I may be able to come to you.

If you are experiencing particular conditions, whether the result of life’s blips or accidents, or more ongoing, my way of teaching may suit well.  I can often find ways of doing yoga and suggest movements and breathing practices that can contribute to the healing process and your health and wellbeing generally.

The yoga experience of my students is wide ranging, some with many years of practice including trained yoga teachers, others new to yoga.  Some have started with me in their 70s, others decades younger. 

Flexibility in booking and paying facilitates students coming as suits life circumstances

I have a self selecting sliding scale for payment and only ask you to pay for classes you actually attend, whether coming to group classes or for 1:1 sessions.  I am committed to making yoga accessible and am open to various arrangements because I believe it is in everyone’s best interest for you to attend as regularly as works for you.

Individual attention is key in my teaching

My weekly classes are unusually small, online as well as in person numbers, allowing me to give individualised guidance.  Most students opt to come as regularly as they can to benefit from this.

I believe in everyone finding their own pathways of discovery and aim for a lightness in my classes to give space for enjoyment in learning for optimal benefit.  Even in group classes where we are learning together, I appreciate everyone also has their own individual journey in life and contributing to that, their own journey in yoga. 

Alexander Technique has a profound influence on my yoga

I teach the Alexander Technique as well, though not directly in my yoga classes.  If you would like to know more about Alexander Technique and how it comes into my yoga practice and teaching, please see the Alexander Technique in My Yoga Teaching page here.

Might my group or 1:1 classes contribute to your wellbeing?

please find details of my small group classes here

and details of individualised, one to one sessions here.

Yoga Qualifications and Education

  • Yoga Teacher Training, Scottish Yoga Teachers Association (now Yoga Scotland), 1995-1997
  • Apprentice style training in Antenatal teaching with childbirth educator and founder of the Pregnancy and Parents Centre, Nadine Edwards, from 1995
  • Baby Yoga Diploma, Birthlight, 2002
  • Yoga and Storytelling Course with Elly Crichton Stuart and Andrew Jilani, 2006
  • Yoga Nidra Teacher Training, Bihar School of Yoga & Satyananda Yoga Centres, 2013
  • Yoga for Insomnia Teacher Training, Lisa Sanfilippo with The Minded Institute, 2015
  • Assisting Lisa Sanfilippo on Sleep Recovery Teacher Training Courses, from 2020
  • Yoga Therapy For Insomnia And Sleep Recovery™ (Working With Individuals 1:1), Lisa Sanfilippo with Yogacampus, 2023
  • Accepted as a Yoga Elder member of Yoga Teachers Together 2024
  • Continuing Professional Development ~ Every year, I undertake workshops, seminars and self study to further my ongoing learning as a yoga teacher. This includes CPD specifically in Perinatal Yoga, in Sleep Recovery and also in Alexander Technique which continues to inform my yoga teaching in an ever evolving way.