Sleep Recovery Workshops

Sleep Recovery workshops can be of different lengths, from one hour, pop up workshops to a half or full day in duration.  All offer experiential content as well as elements of the science of sleep and an exploration of ways in which yoga can help sleep.

A one hour workshop, perhaps as a pop up event, gives a taste of how yoga can help sleep and always includes practical elements and information that you can take with you and use in your lives straight away.

Afternoon workshops offer a compact, minimal commitment way of finding what yoga has to offer and exploring how, with knowledge of relevant aspects of sleep science, it can help with different sorts of sleep issues.

Day workshops offer an expanded range of practices as well as more specific exploration of how yoga can help with the issues presented at the workshop.


Workshops can be in differing locations. If you would like a workshop of whatever length in your area, please contact me to see what we can do!


The costs* for attending a workshop depends, of course, on the length of workshop and also on the location, venue and number of students.

* Where someone’s finances make the standard workshop price not workable, whether or not any of the usual concessionary categories apply, I ask for a payment that would be workable, with no question or proof needed.

** For workshops, as for courses and individual sessions, I offer a discount of 30% to anyone who has been on a previous workshop or course on Yoga for Sleep, to make it easier to have a refresher of the material or to work with different issues arising at different times.

This discount would apply to both standard & reduced rates.

Some Comments on Yoga for Sleep Workshops

Was very relaxing & I liked looking at the holistic aspects of people’s sleep issues. Kerry Smith

really enjoyed the time & space to breathe & relax & also loved the yoga practice – I need to start it again!

…. Opportunity to focus on my specific area of concern, with practical suggestions to attempt to tackle them. A good balance between the practical and theoretical aspects of how helpful yoga can be in tackling sleep issues. Sharon M.


To be included in my emailing list for upcoming Sleep Recovery events of all sorts, please send me an email.