Yoga for sleep

Yoga for sleep

Yoga can help with all sorts of sleep & related issues, such as difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep, waking in the night unable to get back to sleep or simply reaching morning & not being rested enough.  

Yoga for Sleep can benefit those new to yoga as well as those with more experience (including teachers) as it offers a range of tools, as well as guidelines for using them, that can be adapted by each person to craft their own sleep recovery programme, with as much guidance and support from your Yoga for Sleep educator as you choose.

Yoga for Sleep tools include yoga poses suited to different purposes and times of day; breathing practices; meditative and restorative practices; and input from Ayurveda.

The science of sleep informs the use of the yoga practices and provides general lifestyle ideas to support sleep recovery.

My Yoga for Sleep work brings together tried and tested methods from the work of yoga for insomnia expert & sleep recovery pioneer, Lisa Sanfilippo, who has been researching and developing this work for around 20 years.  Lisa is author of Yoga Therapy for Insomnia and Sleep Recovery (Singing Dragon 2019) & Sleep Recovery (Bloomsbury, 2020).

Yoga for Sleep Workshops

Yoga for Sleep workshops can be of different lengths, from one hour pop up workshops to a half or full day in duration.  All offer experiential content as well as elements of the science of sleep & an exploration of ways in which yoga can help sleep.

Afternoon workshops offer a compact, minimal commitment way of finding what yoga has to offer & exploring how, with knowledge of relevant aspects of sleep science, it can help with different sorts of sleep issues.

Day workshops offer an expanded range of practices as well as more specific exploration of how yoga can help with the issues presented at the workshop.

Comprehensive handouts are included for all workshops.

Workshops can be in differing locations: please see below for workshops currently scheduled.  Do contact me if you would like to be included in my emailing list for upcoming yoga for sleep events of all sorts; & if you would like a workshop in your area, please contact me to see what we can do!

Upcoming Workshops

  • 17th November 2019 at The Wee Retreat, Glasgow     
  • 22nd February 2020 at The Yoga Shed, Crieff,
  • & in other locations by request.

Please get in touch to be included in my emailing list for upcoming Yoga for Sleep events of all sorts:~

Yoga for Sleep Courses

Yoga for Sleep courses, spread as they are over a number of weeks, offer a format is more gradual, allowing both consolidation & progression, session by session.  Courses focus more on the particular issues of the participants than do workshops, & the regular meetings offer more support & encouragement in putting the ideas into practice.

Courses are set up in response to interest; a day, time & venue are then set to suit would be participants.  Please get in touch if this is of interest.

*** Edinburgh course coming up in Oct or Nov 2019 ***

The time & dates for this course are yet to be confirmed, so please get in touch if this might be of interest: ~

Content of Workshops & Courses

~ the basics of sleep science;

~ practical yoga – movements, breathing practices, meditative & restorative yoga;

~ ways to use the yoga practices to contribute to better rest & sleep;

~ aspects of our lives & ways to weave in particular yoga practices to enhance sleep & improve energy levels during our wakeful day;

~ good self management practices for good sleep.


The costs for a workshop or course may vary depending on location & numbers of students.  Please ask for details.

The standard cost for a 6 week course is £89~ * **

* Where someone’s finances make my standard prices not workable, whether or not any of the usual concessionary categories apply, I ask for a payment that would be workable, with no question or proof needed.

** I offer a discount of 30% for anyone who has been on a previous workshop or course on Yoga for Sleep, to make it easier to have a refresher of the material, or to work with different issues arising at different times.

This discount would apply to both standard & reduced rates.


More information & booking via or 0131 229 9035