Postnatal Yoga with Babies

I am often asked “When can I start coming to yoga with my baby?”.  In reply, I sometimes mention that the youngest baby I’ve had in my classes was just a week old!  Basically, you can come to Yoga with Babies as soon as you wish or feel ready to be out & about with your baby. 

Postnatal Yoga with Babies focuses on postnatal recovery for mothers & movements that even very wee babies find satisfying & soothing.  Some movements can even help with digestive & other issues babies can have in their early weeks; & Yoga with Babies can be a helpful complement to other practices or treatments which can help at this time, such as craniosacral therapy, baby massage, homeopathy or allopathic medical therapy.

From about 4-5 months after birth, babies move up a gear in their need for movement and social engagement; & mothers too are often ready for more active yoga.  This would be the time to move to the Yoga with Babies 5+ months class, which accommodates babies up to the time they become mobile.  See Yoga with Babies Five Months to Mobile for more on these classes.

Currrent Class Details

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Weekly Postnatal Yoga with Babies classes are held at the Pregnancy and Parents Centre (often abbreviated to PPC), 188 Pleasance, Edinburgh, EH8 9RT.  See map here.

Mats and any other equipment you may need are provided at this venue, so you only need to bring whatever you would usually want out and about with baby (spare nappies, clothing, milk if you bottle feed etc) with a muslin or baby blanket you can put under your baby when they are lying down.


Costs for classes can be found under Course Info on this PPC Parent and Baby Yoga page.

Concessionary Rates

The ethos of the Pregnancy and Parents Centre as a not-for-profit charity is to welcome everyone whatever their beliefs, backgrounds and circumstances. We never turn anyone away due to difficulty in paying and have guidelines to help with this.

We are also happy to discuss individual circumstances and if our guidelines still prohibit you from attending a session please get in contact with us at the Pregnancy and Parents Centre, contact details below.

Booking/More Information

Contact the Pregnancy and Parents Centre on 0131 229 3667 by email or via the enquiry form at the bottom of this PPC website page.