Portrait photo of Andrea St Clair with the sea in the background

Hello, I’m Andrea St.Clair.  A warm welcome to Journey in Yoga, my still evolving yoga website.

My home, where I teach a variety of regular yoga classes, and also teach Alexander Technique, is in Edinburgh, Scotland, though I run workshops, courses and other events further afield from time to time. I also offer yoga classes, courses and one to one sessions online.

I have been teaching yoga since 1996 and trained with the Scottish Yoga Teachers Association, now Yoga Scotland. I have been teaching Alexander Technique since 1993, and my experience in this informs and gives a particular flavour to my practice and teaching of yoga. For more on my Alexander Technique Teaching Practice, which I run with my partner, Alexander teacher Rob St.Clair, please have a look at www.alexandertechniqueedinburgh.co.uk

Find out more about what interests you by following one of the headings below left ; and have a look at my News Section below for notices of upcoming courses or whatever comes up that you might like to know about!

Do also contact me if you’d like more information on any of my work, whether yoga or Alexander Technique based, to enquire about events in your area, or to book into a class, course or workshop.

I look forward to hearing from you and contributing towards your journey in yoga.

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June 2022

Going forward, all my classes with the exception of the outdoors class will be able to have both in person and online students!

There will be a maximum of 3 students in person, keeping to the post COVID times spacing, and a maximum of 5 online screens. I’ll make an intuitive judgment for each class about a sensible overall maximum depending on the mix of students, so the individual attention that is a hallmark of my classes is assured.

There are still the flexible booking and cancellation arrangements, as well as the self selecting sliding scale for payments to ensure the classes are as accessible as possible.

January 2022

9 February sees the start of the first Sleep Recovery™ course I’ve run in a while as during this Covid influenced period, I have become much involved in Sleep Recovery teacher training, working closely with yoga for sleep pioneer, Lisa Sanfilippo, the author of Sleep Recovery™.

In these uncertain times and to allow attendees out of reach of Edinburgh, this course will be online; but it will be, as we now say, “Live Online” so we will meet over Zoom for 5 weekly sessions in real time.

Only 5 Zoom places, however, are available, to give enough individual attention and to allow for learning with minimal Zoom fatigue!

Do get in touch as soon as possible if you might be interested in this and see under Yoga for Sleep below for more information.