One to One Hatha Yoga Classes

Personalised yoga sessions can be invaluable, instead of or as an adjunct to group classes

One to one classes can be used to address particular interests or requirements related to health and fitness. Or you may find one to one classes fit better with your personal schedule!  

I offer a variety of times throughout the week

I offer some mornings/afternoons/evenings – and can also offer sessions at a weekend.

Classes can be arranged at mutually convenient times and frequencies, whether on an occasional or regular basis.

The venue is my home studio at 8 St. Peter’s Place, Edinburgh

This is near the canal at EH3 9PJ. Please note: this venue is accessed by two flights of stairs.

Mats and any other equipment you may need are provided at the venue, so you need only bring clothing suitable for doing yoga with layers for the different sorts of practices.

I am open to considering other venues, and there would generally be an additional fee for this.

Payment rates depend on whether you book a single session or a series of sessions

A series of classes, though paid for together, are not necessarily booked together. You can book as and when you know when you want to come and day/timing can vary for each session.

 Concession/sliding scale rates are always available

Standard rates

  • 90 minute session £66~
  • 60 minute session £47~; 2×1 hour  session £92; 4×1 hour session £180~

Other rates for different requirements are available on request.

Concessions / Reduced Rates

  • By arrangement to suit the individual.

I always make reduced rates available, respecting individual situations and realising that the usual concession categories, whilst practical in the world at large, do not always reflect people’s ability to pay.

So, if your situation makes the standard rates not workable, please do get in touch so we can work out an arrangement between us.

Do get in touch for more information or to book a 1:1 class with me

Contact me by email or call me on 0131 229 9035 or 07821 116 775