About my Yoga Teaching (old)

I teach Hatha yoga, in a way that is profoundly influenced by my practice and experience in the Alexander Technique.  I qualified as an Alexander Technique teacher in 1992 and rethought how I approached yoga before embarking on my yoga teacher training in 1995 with the Scottish Yoga Teachers Association, now Yoga Scotland.

My style is different from but perhaps sits most easily with Scaravelli inspired yoga and Viniyoga styles.  Having said that, I find many people, whether or not they come with a particular sort of yoga in mind, like my way simply because over time they find the yoga makes such a difference to their daily lives.

Is my style of Yoga Teaching for You?

I appreciate my style of yoga teaching and practice isn’t for everyone.  Those who love it, enjoy exploring our way into and out of practices, the sometimes unexpected preparation and pathways … Some delight in being able to do movements and poses they wouldn’t have believed they could do, and in finding harmony in ways of moving that work well with our structure and functioning as human beings.

Greater freedom in movement comes from our study of the details of ways of doing the yoga, and of going into and coming out of the asana practices; and I encourage students to take these ways of moving and being into the movements of everyday life.

This makes the yoga particularly helpful to those who are dealing with injury or particular conditions.  I can often help these students find a way of doing the yoga and suggest movements and breathing practices that can relieve the stress on their being, contributing to their healing process and to their greater health and wellbeing generally.

The yoga experience of my students is wide, some with many years of practice, including trained yoga teachers, others new to yoga.  Some started yoga in my Yoga with Babies classes or came to me for Yoga for Sleep Recovery.

My very small group classes (maximum of 3 in person, with overall maximum of around 7) mean that I can give plenty of individual attention, allowing everyone to work with where they are at.  And there is always the possibility of coming for one to one classes whether as a complement to the group classes or just because that suits you best.

Learning with Me

I aim for a lightness in my classes so you have space to learn and importantly, can find joy in learning for optimal benefit.  I believe in everyone finding their own pathways of discovery.  Even in group classes where we are learning together, I appreciate everyone also has their own individual journey in life and contributing to that, their own journey in yoga. 

Initial Individual Class at Group Rates

As my way of doing yoga is perhaps unusual, and because my group sizes are so small with many students being regular attendees, I offer anyone interested in joining my groups the opportunity to have a private class with me (which you can share with an interested friend if you would like) at the group class rates.

This may help you as a newcomer to make more sense of what we are doing in the classes and helps me to incorporate you more easily into the classes.  It also gives you a chance to see if my way of working might suit you, although sometimes it can take a few classes to see the benefit of working in the way we do.  There is, anyway, no ongoing commitment, no block bookings or whatever.  You can simply stop coming to classes if they are not working for you.

So, why not come along and see if my Hatha Yoga classes can contribute to your wellbeing and learning in your life’s journey.

More Information

For more details of my small group classes, please find information here.

If you are interested in working with me in individualised one to one sessions, please look here.